Perform simple & intuitive inspection.
Create Work Orders with one tap.
Schedule your all inspection and maintenance.
Digital Transformation Tools


The most powerfull inspection and Maintenance app for mining fleet management.


Solution to took the safety measure to next level for construction companies.


Digital solution for transport logistics to manage and maintain.

Oil and Gas Industry

Powerfull app to manage and maintain all type of fleet process on field digitally.


Aircraft inspection app for avitaion maintenance and management propcess.

Property Manage

Manage properties digitally and maintain all data to go paperless.

Rental Manage

Renal solution to cover all necessary features to make business paperless.


Inspetion and Maintenance software for all type of marine vessels.

The Intelligent Enterprise advantage

Transform data into insights, automate and innovate, to deliver experiences everyone will love, and set the pace in your industry.

Who we Are?

Realize how technology can transform your business

JRS Innovation is leading the tech curve, investing in next-gen technologies, innovating solutions and developing Digital best practices to keep our customers competitive. Explore our Enterprise ready Cloud Applications with premium infrastructure and security.
Software as Service offerings with Big Data Analytics, dadicated storage. IOT devices integrated to products and Machine Learning algoriths to bring long term value addition over our scalable and agile cloud platform. Check out the product related pages to access specific product information, documentation, videos and key features.
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