Heavy Vehicle Inspection Software! Finally, there is an app to conduct vehicle/equipment inspections, create work order, schedule maintenance/inspection for vehicle with recurring basis without having to drag your laptop and camera or make sticky notes for schedule. Instantly make vehicle inspections with any mobile device.

Professional cloud based App for Property Inspection, client Invoice, Agreement, Schedules and Task Manager. No need of Desktop/Laptop to prepare Professional Home Inspection Reports.

Create signed PDF documents of Rental Agreement, Quotation and Return Receipt & Damage Reports. Manage complete Vehicle Inventory with Pick up & Drop Schedules. Best fit for Rentals of Heavy Equipment, Cars, Bicycle, Recreational & Musical Instruments, Drilling & Mining equipment and Medical Equipment’s.

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Realize how technology can transform your business

We organize workshops and visits customer site to understand business Services and provide recommendation in Design Thinking, Platforms and IT solutions. We help our clients identify how Technology can transform their business into a Next-Generation Digital Enterprise. A technical viability study with detailed framework of implementation is submitted at end of workshop.
We'd love to hear of the business challenges you are facing, and to see if we can help. Request a no obligation phone call with our Technology expert.

Provide your contact details with your availability and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Our Services

JRS Innovation is an IT company that designs, builds and operates IT systems and services for our clients.
We offer IT solutions and services to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Digital Business

We offer Cloud based fully secured, robust & scalable applications adapted to your business practice. A digital document & information is all time available across the Internet.

IoT & Big Data Solutions

Our IoT solutions turn physical devices into Smart data sources and intelligent Apps does real time monitoring. Our software ensure efficient operations of the Fleet services.

Cashless Electronic Delivery of Services

We make your business part of the Cashless economy .all your physical documents converted into Electronic document formats for instant real time delivery of services.

Cloud Solutions

Achieve rapid realization in technology transformation by our cloud based solutions on Digital Business, Information Portals, Big Data Analytics and Content Management systems. Cloud Platform as a service model provide low cost and no bottleneck approach.

Document Conversion Services

Streamline your organization's ability to store, access and manage documents, we provide intelligent scanning and workflow solution that digitally scan and archive receipts, letters, documents and files. Software make them instantly available to all with cloud based Web/ Mobile information portals.

Mobile & Web Application Services

We offer Application development and full life cycle management services using latest Technology products and services. Our Technology shape Smart cities, real time fleet management systems, Mobile Inspection solutions of connected world with innovative strategies & software applications.

Technology Consultation

We work to analyze your requirement and recommend right IT solutions with details of Technical and business viability. in compare to similar products in market.
In discovery phase our design and development team will research on your business case and perform various Technology evaluations.
We keep in focus your immediate goals, Target audiences, Time & Cost to drive value for your Technology investment.

  • Technology Platform(Web, Mobile, Cloud)
  • Big Data – Hadoop Systems
  • Offline vs Online Apps
  • Integration to Business & Enterprise Systems
  • App Maintenance & Support Requirements
  • Data Entry & Maintenance Portal
  • Social Media Integration
  • Backend Server Requirement
  • Cloud Managed Mobile Services

Business & IT Consulting

JRS Innovation offer a systematic approach to improve change adoption among business and identify technology catalysts to evolve smart solutions. We partner with you in the change management program from strategy definition to results recognition.
JRS Innovation's Consulting provides best-in-class knowledge, innovation and services to help global enterprises successfully transform their business processes into Digital Enterprises.

Solutions Re-Design and Optimization

We bring best of class tools to extend your existing IT applications & services to latest Cloud, Mobile / WEB standards. The process engages design and architecture team to evaluate your software applications.
We recommend right fit for your new user interface and backend and engage new generation software tools to bring aesthetically stunning and robust solutions

Training, Maintenance & Support

We go extra mile to provide App specific tailored support services. Covering email, chat and 24/7 phone support with 'follow the Sun' approach. Training to customer Team enable hands on knowledge of latest technology tools. Simple training /Workshops to transition complicated technology Apps.

Our Products

JRS Innovation is leading the tech curve, investing in next-gen technologies, innovating solutions and developing Digital best practices to keep our customers competitive. Explore our Enterprise ready Cloud Applications with premium infrastructure and security.

Software as Service offerings with Big Data Analytics, dadicated storage. IOT devices integrated to products and Machine Learning algoriths to bring long term value addition over our scalable and agile cloud platform. Check out the product related pages to access specific product information, documentation, videos and key features.

Heavy Vehicle Inspection

Equipment Rental Agreement

Property Inspection Management

Medical Equipment Inspection

About Us

JRS Innovation is a leader in latest IT services, digital and business solutions.
We are an exceptional team of Consultants, software engineers, designers, Testers and product managers spread in Europe, America and India.
The company was founded on the core values and principle of implementing smart ideas that drive growth for our customers and simplify, improve and transform their business.

Our Skills

Cloud solutions, Web/ Mobile Apps
Digitalization – Transform Businesses
IT Services & Infrastructure
Paperless - Electronic Services

Our Association

Our Clients

These are our valuable clients.JRS Innovation has customers in all continents. 1000 + customers in more than 50 countries.
Companies like yours are using our software and technology.

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